Heidi Gumula/DBVW Architects
Waterfire Community Arts Center


DBVW Architects

The goal of this project was to convert a century-old manufacturing building into a multi-use community arts center and the permanent home of a local non-profit, Waterfire.

The existing building conversion included the addition of two new floor levels to the north side of the buidling, a new roof deck on the south side of the building, and an overhead connection between the two spaces that allows for maximum open space in the exhibit hall below.

The project was successfully completed in 2017 and has since hosted several art installations, social events, and fundraising efforts for the community.

Square Feet




#OdehInnovation: Reality Capture

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Big moves - preserving historic buildings by relocating them to new sites.


#OdehInnovation: Regenerative Building II

January 31, 2021

A studio at Georgia Tech explores the reuse and regeneration of urban buildings.


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