Groton Hill
Music Center


Epstein Joslin

New 125,000 sf concert hall and school building, to include a performance hall for up to 1000 seats, associated front of house, back of house and support spaces, administrative offices, classrooms and practice rooms, 300-seat recital hall, orchestral rehearsal room, and recording suite.

The Odeh team worked closely with Epstein Joslin Architects and the acoustical consultants to shape the structural framing:

  • Columns consist of elegant curved "tuning fork" shapes created with glued laminated timber.
  • Long span roof framing uses hybrid steel/timber trusses in a sculptural acoustic form.
  • Exterior walls have exposed interior wood decking arranged to create curved acoustic shapes.

In the main concert hall, shown in the video below, a moveable hangar door opens to the exterior to allow for outside spectators to see into the stage. Spanning almost 100', the door opening is supported by using the balcony seating as a massive reinforced concrete bridge structure.

Square Feet




#OdehInnovation: Mass Timber and Embodied Carbon

June 26, 2020

Mass timber construction lets us reduce the embodied carbon in new construction


#OdehInnovation: Regenerative Building I

November 24, 2020

A collaboration with Yale demonstrates design that can radically reduce the environmental impact of buildings.


#OdehInnovation: REACTS

March 2, 2021

A new research consortium targets key mass timber design questions.


#OdehInnovation: Embodied Carbon

May 19, 2021

How can we compare the environmental impact of different structures?


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