Laser Scan Viewer

Laser Scanning

Odeh Engineers has incorporated the use of laser scan technology on our existing building investigation and retrofit projects as part of our standard scope of services.

Our engineers are capable of performing laser scans themselves as well as working with scans provided by others. Point cloud data is directly integrated with Revit and other BIM technologies to produce a more complete understanding of existing conditions than has ever been possible in the past. This allows us to recognize potential issues during the design development phase when we can proactively resolve issues before design is even complete as well as before construction begins. In addition to BIM integration through specialized software, our scans can be made available for easy reference and navigation as interactive photographs via our online viewer which allows our clients to harness the power of our laser scans to improve their own workflow.

Dynamo House Case Study

Odeh Engineers is using high-resolution scans to rebuild a historic power station in downtown Providence, RI.

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Structural Assessment

Laser scans enable rapid, accurate verification of field conditions in structural evaluations.

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Revit Integration

Integrating laser scans with other BIM technologies aids the development and improves the accuracy of existing condition models.

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