March 2, 2021

In a model of collaboration between the AEC industry and academia, a new consortium was formed in late 2020 to address research needed to accelerate the adoption of mass timber materials in the design of buildings.

Research on Engineering, Architecture, and Construction of Timber Structures (REACTS) is part of the Tallwood Design Institute – itself a collaborative effort between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. Consortium members will define research priorities to supplement current industry knowledge, including the following subject areas:

  • Fire and seismic resilience
  • Structural engineering design
  • Acoustic performance
  • Construction best practices
  • Connector design and performance
  • Modularized construction systems

Odeh Engineers is proud to be among the founding members of the consortium, which includes a mix of leading engineering consulting firms, architects, contractors, the USDA Forest Service, and manufacturers committed to the advancement of the state of the practice in construction of wood structures.

You can learn more about the REACTS Consortium at the TallWood Design Institute page and follow along as we start to define and develop our research in our inaugural year.

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